The Club is run on a volunteer basis, with all management and committee members giving their time freely. Players are asked to contribute to the club, which allows us to maintain our ground, provide some professional coaching, kit and equipment for all our players.


Our fees are reviewed each year. For the 2021/22 Season the annual fees are :-


U5s - £30

U6s - £60

U7s to U10s - £228

U11s to U18s - £240


Addtional charges for training fees and professional coaching may be added, please confirm with your manager.


The manager of the team will send you a link to sign-up to the club; which will also enable you to set up the appropriate Diret Debits to pay for your fees.


When matches are postponed, this will not affect the payment; it will remain the same. The exceptions to this will be players on long term injury, which will be reviewed by the committee. Missing a match through short-term injury or being unavailable for selection for personal reasons will not affect the fees payable.


The club recognises that even our costs may be too expensive for some families and as a community club our paramount goal is for young people to play and enjoy football. We, therefore, have the facility to reduce costs in appropriate situations. Please just contact your manager and they will contact a member of the committee using complete discretion and discuss cases on an individual basis.

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We are located at:

Orpington Rovers

Cockmannings Lane




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