Membership Data Protection

  • data is stored on servers provided by Linode in their locked cage within a secure facility at Docklands provided by Telecity Group
  • physical access is protected at the building and cage by biometric or keypad pin
  • member data is held until the organisation deletes it or 3 months after a membership expires
  • data is backed up locally and an encrypted copy is also sent offsite to an Amazon facility in Dublin
  • backup frequency for both is currently daily, with the offsite backup being moved to hourly in the next few months
  • access to this data is protected by email address and password (either a membermojo password or password to access your email account)
  • all traffic to and from our site is SSL encrypted. Passwords are encrypted using a modern hash and unique salt.
  • we do not store or have access to any personal payment information

We are located at:

Orpington Rovers

Cockmannings Lane




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