Standing Order Forms

Please select the correct form and complete and return to the Membership Secreatary

Team Standing Order Form
U6 - Steve Whittaker Form
U7 Lions - Mick Mcgloughlin Form
U8 Tigers - Darren Burkett Form
U8 Pumas - Paul Bailey Form
U9 FC - Danny Oakins Form
U9 Lions - Scott Drew Form
U9 Tigers - Ross Crawford Form
U9 Eagles - Barry Ansell Form
U10 - Danny Rahilly
U11 Lions - Brett Cheesman
U12 Tigers - Ross Dixey Form
U13 Lions - Mark McCartney Form
U13 Panthers - Andy Boyle Form
U14 Lions - Daniel Hobbs Form
U14 Pumas - Marco Girolami Form
U14 Tigers - Chris Woods Form 
U15 Lions - Sean Smyth Form
U15 Tigers - Dan Berry Form
U16 -  Mark O'Shaughnessy Form
U17/18 - Nick David Form
Blank Form Blank Form

Using Internet Banking

If you use Internet banking, you can set up your own Standing Order or pay directly. It is very important that you set up a reference of Team Name Player Surname e.g. If Joey Smith plays for the U11 Tigers then your reference needs to be U11T SMITH; then send confirmation to the membership secretary ( If you do not inform the membership secretary the players membership could be significantly delayed and unable to play matches.



Here are the account details


Payee bank name

Lloyds Bank, 77-179 High Street, Orpington, Kent, BR6 0LJ

Payee account name

Orpington Rovers – Treasurers Account

Payee sort code


Payee account number




We are located at:

Orpington Rovers

Cockmannings Lane




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