Managing a Team

So you want to be a football manager, well first of all thank you as it is people like you that keep Orpington Rovers thriving.


The managers’ role is a very rewarding one, but first of all take stock and ask yourself can you do this all yourself. Most of us say no and we encourage other parents to help us out.


For each team we have at the club we are expected to have at least one club member that has completed the FA Level 1 coaching course. Completing the course allows us to retain our FA Chartered Standard, but for me more importantly, take the course as soon as you can it certainly changed my outlook as a coach/manager (the club is happy to fund the training you will be required to give up your time to attend the course).

However you may have thought that this is it, a bit of coaching and manage some matches. Unlike Jose Mourinho, you are also the finance director, marketing manager, entertainment redcoat, groundsman and tea lady ! The Club carries out various Fund Raising Activities through the course of a year and we would expect you to promote, support and be involved in such activities.


All the stuff to run a club does not get done by itself and we don’t bring in enough money to pay others, so your help is needed, as much as you can offer. You know how much you can contribute, but if it is nothing extra then you need to think if Orpington Rovers or any amateur club is for you.


The club are proud to run an end of season presentation day, which celebrates yet another season of our great club. It is about families coming together to have fun in a well run event and to show their appreciation to their children and the club. This is a large event and every manager and the parents are expected to participate in the running of the day.


You need to be honest with yourself with regards to the time you can commit. The community really appreciate what you do though they may not recognise it very often, but you know, your fellow managers know and the club as a whole appreciates it.


The Club would want to know that you have the same interest and ideals of promoting sport, and football in particular for the benefit of children primarily from the local area, and would not discriminate against children from any particular background. All children under your jurisdiction should be treated equally.


Welcome to Orpington Rovers

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