We are looking for a business to sponsor Orpington Rovers for 2 seasons commencing 2018/19 season 


In return for sponsorship, we would proudly wear the company logo on our club shirts, the sponsor is to be listed as our key sponsor on all our club literature and on our website, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Our matches are well attended by local parents and an increasing number of spectators from the local community. There may also be the opportunity for other promotions -  Team tours, team tournaments, trophy and cup matches. 


If you have a business or have a business contact that would be willing to consider sponsorship please get in touch. We can provide you with further details and a full break down of the likely costs of any deal. 


Tracy Airey - 07833 582 944 

Social & Fundraising Secretary 

Players Wanted U12s - Contact Dan - 07931 541167 Click here for more info


Keeper Wanted U14s - Contact Mark - 0779528 5896 Click here for more info


Players Wanted U13s - Contact Sean - 07780 602381 Click here for more info


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Home Fixtures


22nd April 2018




Under 7 Lions v Westerham Grasshoppers - 12.45 pm


Under 7 Eagles v Glebe Lions - 11.30 am


Under 10s v FC Elmstead Roosters - 10.00 am


Under 8s and Under 9s are away





Under 12 Lions v Bromley Ravens - 10.00 am


Under 11 Lions, Under 11 Tigers, Under 12 Tigers and Under 12 Pumas are away 





Under 13 Lions v Bromley Rooks - 10.15 am


Under 14s and Under 15s are away


No fixture shown for Under 13 Tigers and Under 16s




Under 17s v Shirley Town - 10.30 am


Under 18s and Seniors are away






Welcome to the Orpington Rovers

Orpington Rovers Football Club is run entirely by volunteers. The club maintains its place in the world of football by having a dedicated membership and a strong committee. We believe in providing football for all and want to provide our community with facilities and fun.


We have highly qualified coaches and have a superb well maintained football ground and we are very proud of the clubs continued successes.



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